A veteran performing songwriter and studio musician, Bill Shaouy (rhymes with "Maui") has performed on stages and in recording studios across the United States since 1991. Across the years, Bill has been a band member of Smile Factory, Doc-Wiso, Desmond Drive, and New Americans. Bill has also performed as a studio keyboardist for Wendi Dunlap, Lee Flier, Bob Wlos, Kathy Fleishmann, Sean McEntee, Joe Giddings, Jonny Daly, Bob Fenster, Peter Joseph McDade IV, Norway House, The Riff, Stacey Cargal, Peril, and Keith Klingensmith. 2016 saw the release of Bill's solo album, The Other Town, named one of the best LPs of the year by Pop That Goes Crunch. Bill continues to write and perform in Atlanta, Ga.

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